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Less than thirty kilometers from Brescia, Monte Isola is the largest lake island in Europe. With its twelve and a half square kilometers and its charme , it represents an ideal destination for a trip.

Since cars are not allowed on the island, the connecting roads between the numerous hamlets, some of which are located directly on the lake (Peschiera Maraglio, Sensole and Carzano), others halfway up the coast (Menzino, Siviano and Novale), and others on the sides of the mountain (Olzano, Masse, Senzano and Cure), constitute a privileged terrain for moving around by bicycle.

Those without bikes can rent them in Peschiera M. or Carzano, people with their own bikes can easily take them on ferries and boats.

Photos by: Linoolmostudio.it

Tourist route

+ 80 m

90 min

9,4 km


Tour of the island by bike

From the small harbour of Peschiera Maraglio we begin cycling to the left on the “road of olive trees”, observing the nearby islet of S. Paolo and quickly reaching Sensole and then Menzino.

Continuing towards Sinchignano, at the height of the Church of S. Carlo there is the possibility, by turning right, of reaching the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola; you will have to ride your bike for about three kilometers of rather demanding climb, and in some stretches you will have to push it by hand. The last stretch to reach the Sanctuary (duration 20 min – about 800 meters) can be travelled only and exclusively on foot, but you can leave your bicycle in the town of Cure. The strongest ones will be rewarded with an exceptional panorama and will be able to visit the Sanctuary.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue, in a few minutes on the paved road from Sinchignano you will reach the town of Siviano, where the Town Hall is located.

Going on, you can admire the beautiful island of Loreto to the north, and you will soon arrive in Carzano. Here, every five years, the famous Feast of S. Croce takes place, during which the streets of the town are decorated with thousands of coloured paper flowers that have been prepared with great skill and patience in the previous months. Before thinking about the return ferry, lovers of good food (or those who got hungry during the tour) should remember that on the island they can enjoy succulent lake fish dishes together with typical products such as olive oil, local salami and sun-dried sardines. After Carzano, you will travel along the eastern side of the island along the lake and you will soon return to the harbour of Peschiera Maraglio.

Photos by: Linoolmostudio.it

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MTB Itinerary

+ 400 m

1 h 45 min

11,9 km


Peschiera - Cure - Madonna della Ceriola Sanctuary - Masse - Olzano - Siviano - Peschiera

The route begins in Peschiera Maraglio at the crossroads with Senzano. The road proceeds constantly uphill to the village of Senzano with the small church of San Severino and the view of lower Lake Iseo. The itinerary continues uphill towards the village of Cure, characterized by stone houses and a long tradition linked to the artisanal production of salami. Passing through the built-up area, the paved road gives way to the well-maintained ancient mule track which, in a few hairpin bends, leads to the entrance to the Madonna della Ceriola Sanctuary. Bikes must be left outside the Sanctuary area. After admiring the panorama, the itinerary retraces the first stretch of mule track towards Cure and then turns right following the signs for Masse and then Olzano. Once in the village of Olzano, turn left and take the road that leads to the village of Siviano. Near the church of Santa Barbara, turn left and take the panoramic road that leads back to Peschiera Maraglio.

Photos by: Linoolmostudio.it

See the route and download the gpx