The flavors of the island - Lake fish

Pescheria Montisola

The Soardi family has been involved in freshwater fishing for 4 generations now. The heart of their activity is Monte Isola where the fish processing laboratory is located, and on Lake Iseo, companion of our fishing trips. Currently it is Nando Soardi, born in 1948, who directly deals with fishing assisted by his son Andrea who also directly follows the phases of sale of the catch through the local markets in the square and through direct sales to various restaurants in the area. 3 years ago the Soardi family made a personal commitment to ensure that the dried sardine of Lake Iseo became one of the Slow Food Presidium. In fact, in our fishmonger’s business we deal with all the fresh lake fish that we clean and fillet according to the needs of the individual buyers, and all the dried fish including sardines. For 2 years we have also been making lake fish roe by directly sourcing the eggs, salting and subsequent drying. In Montisola we are also owners of the restaurant ‘Locanda al Lago’, where you can taste all the delicacies that the lake offers us every day.


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