What to do - Be a good tourist

The residents of this lake oasis are about 1,800, scattered over 12 villages. Most roads are very small, with steep slopes, and have no sidewalks.
Car are not allowed on the island, except for authorized ones and small trucks used by commercial activities. Motorcycles can be used only by residents; tourists can use public transport or bicycles. During the tourist season (from March to October) it is possible to rent bicycles at the rental points located in Peschiera Maraglio and Carzano.

Whether you are a pedestrian or a cyclist, please respect the traffic code, in particular:

  • keep the correct direction on the roadway
  • adapt the speed of bikes, based on road conditions and tourist flow
  • comply with the rules relating to precedence;
  • avoid hindering vehicular traffic with behaviors that could cause danger.

Respect the environment and everything around you. Throughout the island there is a ban on camping and lighting fires outside the area set up for barbecues next to the Rocca Martinengo in Menzino.

Bathing is allowed on public beaches, where, however, there is no lifeguard service.