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Oldofredi Castle

It can be reached directly on foot along the alley that from the small square of Peschiera, where the pharmacy is located, goes up the town until you reach the Church of San Michele, which is located right next to the Oldofredi Castle. The Palace was built in full Renaissance style with an arched portico on columns in Sarnico stone. From the outside you can see the most characteristic façade of the ancient fortress, where the Oldofredi family hosted the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro in 1497, sister of Brescia’s podestà. The tower no longer exists, but there is now certain evidence of its existence, given that, already in the writings available to us, Giovanni da Lezze referred to a “high and ancient tower”. The walls have been demolished or incorporated into recently built houses, but by making a quick examination of the adjacent houses we can imagine the line of the hypothetical castle walls.

Today the Palace houses the Residence – Restaurant “Castello Oldofredi”.

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