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Island of Loreto

The small island of Loreto is located north of Monte Isola, opposite Carzano. Now privately owned, it has been inhabited for many centuries. Gabriele Rosa noticed “ruins of walls and two small square towers”, which are the remains of ancient fortifications. At the end of the fifteenth century. the island became the property of the Sisters of S. Chiara, who were part of the monastery of Brescia, thus having a convent erected. In 1910, a neo-Gothic style castle had already been built by the cav. Vincenzo Richieri, who had grown a magnificent park of conifers around it, with a small harbour and two small towers. From an inlet with two lighthouse turrets, you go up to the villa which has a rectangular plan and is two floors high. The villa has a very suggestive appearance thanks to its turret, battlements, light stone walls and a perspective view that can be enjoyed from the side, given that it stands on a rock overlooking the lake.

Photos by:, Oscar Colosio