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Church of Severino in Senzano

Subsidiary to the Church of Siviano, it was built on the ruins of a small 16th century church. Beside the facade, characterized by a portal made of grey Sarnico stone and preceded by a porch, there is a small bell tower. Inside, the small church is characterized by a barrel vault, like the one in the presbytery.

The high altar dates back to the 16th century. The altarpiece, probably by Antonio Gandino, depicts Bishop Saint Severino and Saint Teresa, at the bottom, and the Madonna of the Ceriola, at the top.

The vault in the presbytery is characterized by 18th cent. frescos depicting Saint Severino in Glory, the Holy Spirit and the Martyrdom of Saint Eurosia. On the right-hand side of the presbytery you can see a painting of the Immaculate Conception and another recent painting depicting the Madonna of the Ceriola. On the opposite facade there is a small, 18th cent. organ which, due to its technical characteristics, can be considered a very rare instrument.

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