In the hamlet of Peschiera Maraglio, in the heart of Monte Isola, there is an oasis of peace and timeless beauty: ‘Le Gandine’. This locality is characterized by its 120 olive trees distributed on various terraces, but even more by its enchanting view of the southern shore of Lake Iseo.

‘Le Gandine’ oil

Thanks to the unique microclimate of the lake island of Monte Isola, the olive groves of Le Gandine (and other places on the island) produce olives of the highest quality. From these is extracted a superior category extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavor. Since 2018, the ‘Sambusida Samuele’ farm, specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil in the municipality of Monte Isola, continues to pass on this tradition of taste and quality. From here comes an exclusive extra virgin olive oil.