Da 12 Sep 2020 a 31 Oct 2020

Famous throughout Lake Iseo are the festivities of Santa Croce, which regularly every five years – since 1836 – take place in September in Carzano di Monte Isola, following a vow of the inhabitants who miraculously escaped an epidemic of cholera , through the intercession of the relic of the Holy Cross, kept in the parish.
It is the circumstance in which the whole country for a week is decorated with thousands and thousands of paper flowers, packaged and jealously guarded by every family, until the day of the solemn procession, in the presence of the religious and civil authorities.
This year the great party, already lovingly awaited and prepared, which attracted
thousands of tourists crowding admired in the narrow streets of the country carpeted with flowers, it will not be possible to carry out, responsible for Covid 19.
To remember and offer visitors a memory of what happened in the past, the Pro Loco of Monte Isola, in agreement with the Organizing Committee Pro Festa di Santa Croce and with the patronage of the Municipality of Monte Isola, and the Montana community of Sebino Bresciano to remember the tradition has set up in the premises of the Palazzo del turismo in Peschiera, from 12 September to 31 October, the exhibition entitled The Feast of the Holy Cross over time, with photographs of past editions, and with examples of traditional floral decorations .


Monte Isola, September 2020


Sergio Moretti
President of the Pro Loco of Monte Isola


Orari dell'evento: 10.00 - 16.00
Organizzatore: Pro Loco Monte Isola - Comitato Santa Croce