5 Sep 2021

An afternoon to spend with the family! With whom? Elena Turla: nutritionist and Laura Dentella: theater educator. Creative Snacks are a unique opportunity to have a snack together, having fun and discovering what we are eating! A moment in which we will discover the origin of the products, their taste and their scent by activating all languages ​​and senses. In fact, we will not only taste; but we will live together moments of theatrical games, movement and product discovery. This is how the body learns! Tasting, touching, smelling, moving … living a 360-degree experience. Why in the family? Not just children? Because we believe it is important to recover the times, the joy and the spontaneity of sharing a moment as important and joyful as the meal. A convivial moment where you can resume the slowness and the taste of eating together, without haste and with the enthusiasm of being there in sharing.


Sunday 5th September * Creative snacks with educator Laura Dentella and nutritionist Elena Turla.


Duration: about 2 and a half hours
Cost: 20 euros adults + 10 euros children (experience and snack included)
For info and registration: Cell. +39 347 8067082 – email: ldentella@icloud.com


Organizzatore: Foresteria Lombarda 'Come una volta' in collaboration with wellness professionals and local realities