La Foresta was opened in 1974, when Montisola, the pearl of Sebino, has not yet become a tourist destination of Lake Iseo.

The restaurant is located on the panoramic road that connects the village of Peschiera Maraglio to the small village of Sensole and where, walking among the olive trees, you can admire the solitary beauty of the islet of San Paolo.

Right here, in this mix of wild nature and aromas of the lake, the Novali brothers are born, giving rise to a well-known and renowned restaurant.

Sandro, the eldest of the two, is one of the last fishermen of Lake Iseo and with his typical boat called “naet”, he works by lowering his net into the lake and replenishes the kitchen of the Forest with the catch of the day.

In Montisola fishing has always been the link between man and the lake: the typicality of “dried sardines”, an ancient method of fish conservation, is an example.

Silvano, who has always been the patron of the restaurant, grew up in his youth working on transatlantic cruise ships in their golden years, and so his reflection on tourism and his island began, followed by his passion for refined cuisine but with a taste ancient.

Of course at their side there are always the consorts, Vilma and Antonia, the one to create ambitious recipes in the kitchen with Silvano, the other to follow the direct relationship with customers managing the dining room.

Today, after almost forty years, we witness the first generational change in the history of the Forest, where Nicola, the young son of Sandro and Antonia, who has recently been fully included in the restaurant staff, is slowly preparing to take his place.

Closing day Wednesday, open from March to December 20 (reservations are recommended).

Typical dishes of lake fish, personalized menus, special weekend packages.

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