Starting from one of the ports of the Riviera degli Ulivi (Sulzano, Sale Marasino or Monte Isola itself), it runs along the western coast of Monte Isola, admiring the town of Carzano. Then we make the circumnavigation of the island of Loreto, privately owned, admiring its evocative villa, with turret and battlements, which rises sheer to the lake, jealously guarded by a thick and rich park. We go again towards Monte Isola, but along the eastern shore, where it is possible to admire the delightful port of Siviano, and, further south, the town of Sensole.

Isola di Loreto, Lago d'Iseo
Isola di Loreto, Lago d’Iseo. Foto Lino Olmo (

We continue with the circumnavigation of the other small valley of Monte Isola, the island of S. Paolo, once reachable on foot directly from Sensole. The journey continues to Peschiera Maraglio, then you return to the port of departure.

Isola di San Paolo
Isola di San Paolo. Foto di Lino Olmo (

The itinerary is proposed by the Navigazione Lago d’Iseo (scheduled service), during the summer period, and also by the non-scheduled service of the Boatmen of Monte Isola (which also include a stop in Peschiera Maraglio). It is a pleasant path that allows you to enjoy the lake, to admire the three islands and to appreciate the towns of the Riviera degli Ulivi also from a different perspective.