Da 22 Jun 2019 a 23 Jun 2019

Romantic night organized by the Municipality of Monte Isola and Pro Loco on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June

5.30 pm “Bollicine a Monte Isola”: tasting of wines by the wine cellars on the lakeside with tasting of the island’s excellences “salame olio e sardine”. Cost of coupons € 15;
7.30 PM Romantic dinner on the lakefront inPeschiera and Sensole;
8.30 pm Music with the young artists of the Ass. Cultural Orpheus – Peschiera;
9.00 pm Moonlit walk from Peschiera to Sensole under the olive trees in a romantic atmosphere between poems and musical notes with candles on the lake; In Sensole launch of candles on the lake with toast, selfie corner at the “Naet of the heart”;
9.15 pm Guitars over the border of Davide Crimaldi – Peschiera
9.30pm “Magic encounters” performances of music and fire (La compagnia del Nino) – Sensole

12.00 am lunch with typical products at the proloco stand
4.00 pm demonstration students of the A.S.D. school Polis. Montisola 2002
6.00 pm Selvaggi Band in concert – Peschiera
20.00 Romantic dinner on the lakefront in the clubs of Peschiera and Sensole


Orari dell'evento: Inizio sabato alle 17.30 - Termine domenica alle 23.00
Organizzatore: Comune di Monte Isola e Pro Loco