Da 31 Aug 2019 a 1 Sep 2019

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 September the Festival of traditions moves to Carzano and joins the event of Bià del Pes. The event is promoted by Pro Loco, the Santa Croce Association and the Municipality of Monte Isola, in collaboration with local producers and craftsmen.

The event consists of two days dedicated to the traditions: it will be possible to see the local craftsmen in their traditional activities: the processing of the net and the boats, the preparation of its majesty the salami of Monte Isola and the conservation of fish in oil, besides that to music and shows, food stands and tastings in restaurants.

Saturday 1
11 am opening of the event
12 hours lunch at the refreshment point
3 pm dialectal comedy “Müruse, scarpe e süpilì”
“Amici San Rocco” theater group
5 pm Conference “Protection and enhancement of traditional sardine drying” at the Palazzo Martinengo courtyard
7 pm dinner at the refreshment point

with the “Idyllics”
(The Compagnia del Niño)

Sunday 2
11 am Laboratorio del Gusto at the Pescheria Soardi “How to work the traditional dried sardine of Lake Iseo Presidio Sloow food”
11 am itinerant route in local traditions with live demonstrations “The nets, the salami of Montisola, the oil, the boats, the flowers of S. Croce”
12 hours lunch at the refreshment point
3 pm workshops on the manufacture of paper flowers and nets
5 pm aperitif in music on the lakeside with “Celia & The Briks”
7 pm dinner at the refreshment point


Organizzatore: Comune di Monte Isola e Pro Loco